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Damage to gravestone of Mrs. Anna Hodges Sheppard

We do hate to see this, but it happens. The gravestone of Mrs. Anna Hodges Sheppard has been broken. This is very recent damage, judging by the clean, white interior of the marker currently exposed, and the fact that her stone was fine on Memorial Day, when we were out planting flags at Oak Lawn. The stone was likely hit by a lawn mower, or a car. The stone will be flagged for immediate repair.

Pvt. Whitford Staton, from slavery to freedom

Memorial Day, 2021: Oak Lawn Cemetery

Connecting the Bridgefords: Warren County, North Carolina to Suffolk, Virginia

Recently, I came across a short news item concerning a member of the Bridgeford Family of Suffolk, Virginia. The notice was in reference to the death of the father of William McFarland Bridgeford, Sr., a successful merchant.